Data Bandhi Chhod Public School has a beautiful building which elieits a compliment from the overwhelmed on looks, “Who cannot help saying.Architechire is music.”Education at school is imparted through four learning styles viz Auditory, Tactile Visual & Kinesthetic  which leaves no sense of students untouched and ensures total learning.


The staff at the school perfectly understands that they may be teachers for the students but are always students of the subject.They help bring knowledge and learning to the students as naturally as fragrance comes to a flower. And  as the school is set on the virtuous & spiritual path as shown by Bhai Guriqbal Singh ji & Bhai Amandeep Singh ji, it will turn out pure, complete and Gurmukh citizens which is also the mission of the school & the society.


Our Mission is to continue to do what we have always done, develop this school and the students with integrity and values; also, to give our students the best opportunity and the best all-round education. Our vision is to produce Gurmukhi Conscientious, smart and confident citizens of India who will go out into the world and make us proud.

Mrs. Arti Sood

Principal, DBCPS