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Co-Curricular Activites

The School has the following activities:

  • INTRA-CLASS, INTER-HOUSE Calligraphy Competition in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Maths.
  • INTER-HOUSE Paper Reading, Declamation and Debate Competitions.
  • INTER-HOUSE G.K.Quiz, Maths Quiz, S.St Quiz, Science Quiz Competitions.
  • DRAMATICS: English, Hindi and Punjabi.
  • ART
  • MUSIC: Vocal and Instrumental.

Calligraphy Competition

calligraphy Competition was held in the school in English,Hindi and Punjabi. The students of all grades from play pen to class VII participated in this competition. Students who wrote beautifully were awarded first, second and third position. Congratulatory note was sent to the parents of the prize winners.

Celebration of the May Day

1st of May was celebrated as May day i.e. labour day in the school. All the students participated in cleaning their classrooms. Students cleaned up their benches and the surroundings themselves. They checked and cleaned their bags also. The rubbish thus collected was thrown in the dustbin. A committee of teachers checked all the classes and declared the results.

Clay Modelling Competition

Clay modeling competition was held in the school and supervision. All the students of the school participated in the competition. They were instructed to bring colourful clay from their places and few students who could not bring the clay, were provided with clay from the school. Under the care of teachers, students prepared beautiful items. Principal, Mrs. Harsharan Kaur herself went to the classes and appreciated the efforts of the students and congratulated them. Photographs were also taken. Winners were declared on the basis of their performance.

Gift Wrapping Activity

Gift wrapping demonstration was given to the students of all classes from I to V . First of all the demo was given by the Art teacher and then students were called one by one to show what and how they had wrapped many items of different shapes were prepared by the students. it was a successful event.

Maths Quiz Competition

The school organised a quiz competition for all the four houses of the school i.e. Barberry House, Blueberry, Raspberry and Dianthus. Four students from each house participated in this competition. Ms.Navneet kaur hosted the Quiz and Ms. Manpreet kaur and Ms. Mamta Sharma were scorers. The competition had seven rounds in total. Photographs were taken. Principal. Mrs. Harsharan kaur congratulated the winners.

Candle Decoration Demostration

Candle decoration was taught to the students through a demo. It was done before the Diwali festival. The student learnt to decorate candles with ribbons,bindies, laces and sparkles. Students enjoyed this activity very much and they prepared nearly fifty candles during this activity.