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Bhai Guriqbal singh ji and Bhai Amandeep singh ji very strongly feel that the education should not make us learn as we do not learn, it should make us behave as we do not behave. Therefore, they bring DATA BANDHI CHHOD PUBLIC SCHOOL, to Amritsar in order to achieve the above cited aim. DATA BANDHI CHHOD PUBLIC SCHOOL (DBCPS) shall run under the aegis of BABA DEEP SINGH CHARITABLE TRUST (REGD.). The school is located at Adda Baouli Sahib, Ram Tirath Road Amritsar. Away from the din of the city, the school shall provide a conducive atmosphere for the over all development of the children.

Education helps us develop an intelligent and integrated outlook on life and it shall be everyone’s endeavour at DBCPS to inculcate ethics, spirituality and good moral values among the students.

The motto of the school is “Inhi Ki Kirpa Ke Saje Hum Hain”

The school is set in sylvan surroundings where Nature is preserved in its pristine glory. It might become mni Shantiniketan one day both naturally and academically.

Each day at DBCPS shall begin and terminate with a Prayer to the Almighty. There shall be grace before and after meals as is typical of a true public school.

The school is secular and pays equal Respect to all religions.

Education at DBCPS shall be imparted through four learning methods viz, Auditory, Visual, Tactile, and Kinesthetic. It shall focus to develop all the senses of the students in order to ensure overall development.

The school shall endeavour to produce complete citizens who shall in turn strive to make the world a better place to live in.